Press for “The Milf Diet”

Jessica on CBC’s “Q”, debating the term “MILF”.

Jessica is interviewed on Maine Public Radio about The MILF Diet

Whatever Your Diet Style There’s a Cookbook For It – ctpost.com

“The MILF Diet” on Yoga Chat at approximately 46:00.

Jessica makes Crispy Rice Treats on The Better Show

Jessica makes Universally-Loved Barley Salad on The Better Show




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Praise for “The Hip Chicks Guide to Macrobiotics”

“This lighthearted book demystifies the macro craze, explains the theories behind the diet and provides a slew of recipes sure to please your–or Ms. Paltrow’s–palate.”

Harper’s Bazaar, November 2004

“This happenin’ health guide promises to help you shed outer pounds while pursuing inner peace”

Us Weekly, September 6, 2004

“More than a diatribe against eating meat, this book is an earnest attempt to explain the basic philosophical and dietary tenets of the macrobiotic lifestyle. The paperback is written in a chirpy blend of New-Age jargon and Porter’s sassy sense of humor…”

The Washington Post, December 1, 2004

“Porter’s casual, amusing language–my favorite thing about Hip Chick–lays everything out in a way that makes you think “Hey, maybe I can do this.” I recommend picking up a copy and seeing for youself.”

Today’s Dietitian, January 2005

“…this book certainly makes [macrobiotics] seem like a fun club to join”

Alternative Medicine, January 2005


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