Happy spring!! Although Los Angeles finds a miraculous way to get sunny and warm by noon every day–350+ days a year–we do, in fact, have a spring…  Stuff is getting smelly, in a good way.  Days are getting nice and long.  Moods are lifting and windows are opening up.  Spring has sprung!

person jumping

In celebration of this marvel of nature, I will be teaching a 4-part cooking series, starting Sunday, April 21st through May 12th.  We will cover springtime remedy drinks, soups, grain dishes, beans, sea veggies and desserts.  Plus we’ll dive into the Order of the Universe; my favorite subject.

Me teaching

If you live nearby, please email me at jessicathehipchick@gmail.com and I’ll send more details.  Space is very limited.

No matter where you reside, enjoy this fabulous transition…

xo Jessica

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