Oct 16

Gold Mine

While the world gets faster and faster, louder and crazier, thank goodness some lovely, peaceful things just keep humming along.  Take Gold Mine Natural Foods, for instance, a San Diego company which has been importing and distributing the highest quality natural foods since 1985.  

Started by MILFy Jean Richardson, Gold Mine continues to maintain standards much higher than necessary; creating their own unpasteurized saurkraut and kimchi, selling only unpasteurized "nama" shoyu and tamari… they also import the most exotic and amazing grains and beans from around the world, including stuff like ORGANIC MEKONG FLOWER RICE:   or really MILFy sounding stuff like:


I have ordered from Gold MIne for almost 20 years now, but I had never seen the operation up close, so I paid a to visit Jean at the Gold Mine offices and warehouse in San Diego.  I saw where they bottle the shoyu, ume vinegar and other liquid products, how they roll their oats fresh, to keep the essential nutrients and oils, and I got a glimpse (and a listen) to their burping crocks of organic saurkraut: 

It's a beautiful and important company, keeping our food supply nourishing, GMO-free and of the highest quality.

Thank you, Jean!

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From page 71 of The MILF Diet…

“You need to shut up about this.  Zip it, girls.  I mean it.

Yes, of course, share with your MILFy friends.  But when it comes to your family, this is a stealth health mission.  Shut the freak up.

Let the food do the talking.

Over time, your nine year-old will notice that she has a headache, or bad dreams, after eating birthday cake at Emma’s house.  All you have to ask is “what happened? What did you eat?”.  Let HER figure it out.  Not you.  If you are doing all the figuring out, you interfere with her listening to her own internal signals.  Over time, she will start to put two and two together.  It doesn’t mean she’ll have the perspective or discipline to stop eating crappy stuff at nine years old, but she’s building an archive of experiences that will serve her the rest of her life.  She is finding her balance.

Ditto your DILF.  Let him proudly declare that he’s pooping more easily.  That he’s playing a better game of tennis.  Greet it with a ho-hum “That’s nice, sweetheart”.  Let HIM realize how sluggish he feels after eating the roast beef at the wedding.  You don’t have to warn him before he takes that first bite.

And all the changes you’re noticing in yourself and own burgeoning MILFiness?  No need to enumerate them at the dinner table.  Your family will feel that your mood is more stable.  They will hear you laughing more.  Your DILF will notice that your skin is glowing.  Let them put two and two together.  The more they discover for themselves, the better.

But you must be patient.  This doesn’t happen overnight.  And I know you want to talk about it.  Hell, you’re a woman… and you’ve discovered something that helps your nearest and dearest…YOU WANT TO SHOUT THIS FROM THE ROOF OF A WAL-MART!!  Like I said, that’s what your MILF friends are for.  Pick up the phone and tell them that your teenage son’s back acne is clearing up, but do not… and I mean DO NOT… post a photo of it on Facebook.”

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There's nothing like a macro get-together; it's a bunch of lovely people, all riding the nice, mellow vibe of whole grains, getting together and reminding one another that–even though our practice goes against the national grain–that we are not so strange after all.  That what we're doing makes sense and brings a lovely peace and happiness to our lives.   

On October 13th, many of us will be getting together in Los Angeles .  

Teachers like

William Spear,  David Briscoe,                                              

and the husband/wife team of

Eric LeChasseur and Sanae Suzuki  will all be teaching there, plus many more.  

Heck, I'm even giving a speech in the evening called The Neuroscience of Yin and Yang about what the male and female brains are teaching us about yin and yang.  


It's a great time to eat good food;  to get a consultation; meet amazing people; to relax.  Seed Kitchen will be catering!

If you can make it to LA that weekend, I strongly recommend that you come.  You will be nurtured on every level…

To register, click here:

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DO: Eat together  A family is like a battery that needs to be re-charged regularly.  Eating together is one of the best ways to renew your connection and love for one another.  MILFs I interviewed stressed that eating at least one meal a day together, exchanging daily events and enjoying the food together, makes a big difference in the health of their families.  Even if you can only manage on the weekends, make it happen.

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Sep 25

Why MILFify?

"By sticking close to Mother Nature in our food choices, that witchipoo intuition we each carry inside becomes sharp, dependable and loud. You will become more sensitive to vibrations and less a punk bitch of the material world and its follies. You will start working more from your creative right hemisphere of your brain and less from the noisy, logical left. You will find your own inner balance and a whole new dimension to your feminine power. This is cruising at high MILFitude. "   

—The MILF Diet, page 5

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"Many of us like to keep our food choices simple; we find that one perfect smoothie recipe and then repeat it every morning for a year.  We have our one go-to dish at the cafeteria.  When it comes to food, ruts are very easy to get into.

But that's a problem.  Your body has millions of different internal jobs to do every day to keep your vitality at its peak, and every natural food pitches in, in its own unique way, to help your body out.  Some foods bring warmth; others cookl things down.  Some benefit the nerves, while others go straight to the heart.  Even among whole grains, there are those that produce more contraction and others more expansion.  Nature has designed a plethora of choices to fulfill all our needs and yet we still organize our food the way we do our lives, making it regimented and scheduled and repeated".

–The MILF Diet, page 56

This weekend, BUST OUT OF A RUT!!

"Because they maintain their powerful spirit–whole and intact–whole grains help you to reclaim your own. As these little seeds become your primary fuel, a natural magic will enter your bloodstream. It will then move to your brian, making your thoughts happier, less fractured, and more focused. These tiny agents of nature–full of reproductive energy–will support and nourish your internal organs, making you stronger and more vital than ever before. Perhaps most amazingly, below the level of your issues and your fancy displomas, whole grains will begin a subversive, silent campaign to heal you. To heal your spirit. to connect you with your Source. To make you whole. Can I get an "Amen" for that??!!!" 

—The MILF Diet, page 315

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Because the MILF Diet is made up of whole foods, cooked according to simple, natural principles, it will bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance.  You will begin to connect with the fundamental rhythms of your body, the seasons and the natural world.  Eating foods replete with vitamins, minerals and good-quality carbs, you will feel energized and vibrant.  By reducing animal protein and shifting toward a more plant-based regime, you will feel light and flexible.  And when you take the plunge and start eating some powerful plants from the sea, you will nourish your blood, bones, hair and skin.

If you have a hard time connecting with your sensitivity and inner softness, this diet will help you stop and smell the roses.  If you give endlessly and feel like you’re disappearing,  MILFy foods will help you re-discover that line between yourself and others, and you will begin to dance it happily.  Nature is continually seeking balance; you should be too.

Most exciting, the MILF Diet will help you align with your birthright of profound feminine energy.  It will strengthen and support you on every level, showing you new depths and facets of yourself.  If you decide to cook MILFier foods for your family, you will begin to appreciate this magic from a yet another angle; by nourishing your brood with natural food, you will begin to wield an ancient womanly power.  You will begin to create a stronger, saner and happier world.

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Feb 16

The MILF Diet

So I’ve written a new book. It’s called The MILF Diet, and it’s being published by Simon and Schuster in January, 2013. Don’t ask why it’s taking so long, because the writing’s all done and dusted, but in this world of hardcover books, things still take time. You can’t just upload them from your phone at a party.

Why the ‘MILF’ Diet? Ahhhh… that’s a great question. Let’s discuss! What does that word mean to you? I think it’s time we women get together and ask ourselves how our culture sees us, how language is used for and against us, and what it is to step into the totality of our female power.

I think MILFs are maternal, sexy and fully in their bodies. I think the term ‘MILF’ encourages a woman to feel whole. Sure it’s crass, but why does it light up the faces of so many of us?

Are you a MILF?

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I recently had the privilege of cooking for William Spear's week-long retreat called The Passage.  I have known Bill for many years now… I first met him as a macrobiotic scribe in New York City and took notes while he gave consultations to clients.  That was a small, and memorable, window onto his compassion, experience and skill. 

Later, when I was a private chef, I worked for some of his clients and would speak to him on the phone from behind the scenes, giving him my observations and taking his suggestions to tweak the food.  During those phone calls, I got to know him just a little better. 

Around the same time, I read Bill's book Feng Shui Made Easy .  I had never really gotten into Feng Shui, considering it too mystical and complicated.  In his book, Bill takes the view that the art of placement is goverend both by external laws but also can be generated from a clean, inner condition of the body.  When we eat whole, unprocessed foods, we tend to make better decisions… guided by our intution.  And intuitive Feng Shui is very powerful.

I have never read any other Feng Shui books.  Bill's book gave me enough to re-arrange my apartment, to furnish my office, and to even help others with their spaces.  His take on Feng Shui made perfect, and refreshingly satisfying sense.  Yay.

So I was growing in respect and admiration for Bill, but still felt a certain distance.  He was a big-time teacher.  Around since the Michio days.  Kickin' it Old School.  I was just a goofball.

During a Kushi Institute Summer Conference in the late 90s, I picked up the mic at the cafe.  I had been dabbling in standup comedy, doing a whole schtick called "Zen Comedy", which meant: Sometimes I'm funny… Sometimes I'm not.  Stupidly, but sometimes with the blessings of the standup gods, I would just stand up in front of audiences and riff… talking about this, that and the other thing, hoping to be funny. 

It wasn't until I had been up there for about ten minutes that I noticed Bill was in the audience.  Before I could feel self-conscious, I saw that he had melted into stupid laughter, tears rolling down his face.  He–longtime macro, Feng Shui dude, worldwide counselor–was a totall goofball too.

Since then we have been close friends and, a few years ago, I took The Passage.  Without saying too much about it, it was a transformative experience.  With his wisdom and compassion, Bill helps people move through the very real tunnels we get ourselves stuck in during life.  He has a HUGE heart and I am beyond grateful to have a place in it. 

Just last week, Bill launched a gorgeous new website about his macrobiotic counseling, his end-of-life counseling as well as the relief work he does around the world.  Oh yeah.  And there's an awesome new edition of Feng Shui Made Easy.  Pllease check him out. 

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