Let the Power of Whole Foods Transform Your Body, Mind, and Spirit... Deliciously

After eating whole, natural foods for more than 20 years, I looked around me and the women in my health food world—the ones I’d cooked with, taken classes from—well, they all looked beautiful. Maybe not beautiful in a gotta-bust-out-the-bikini-Cindy-Crawford kind of way, but they were peaceful, poised, wise, and just naturally sexy. Their skin looked good; they didn’t wrestle with their weight; and they felt comfortable in their own bodies. Most of them were moms, and often of big, healthy broods. Best of all, these women used food in a powerful way, almost like practicing witchcraft in the kitchen. I decided they were MILFs, and this is a book about them, for them, and for any woman who wants to come back home to her fantastic female power…

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